Colors Queen Cover and Conceal Concealer

199.00 Inc. GST

Colors Queen Cushion Beauty Liquid Concealer

225.00 Inc. GST

Colors Queen Cushion Concealer Stick

325.00 Inc. GST

Colors Queen Master Strobing Oil Free concealer

299.00 Inc. GST

Colors Queen Perfect Coverage Base Foundation

149.00 Inc. GST

Colors Queen Perfect Oil Free Base Concealer

289.00 Inc. GST

Contour Cream Base Concealer Palette

449.00 Inc. GST

Ultra Base Concealer Palette

1,700.00 Inc. GST

Top Concealers for various Skin Types & Concerns


Did you know that concealers offer more than just concealing dark circles?

A concealer is  typically applied after foundation, a concealer has a thicker texture compared to foundation. Aside from covering dark spots, blemishes, open pores, and pigmentation, high-quality concealers can also illuminate and highlight specific areas of your skin, similar to a highlighter.

Types of Concealers

According to experts, it is recommended to choose the best concealer that is slightly heavier in weight compared to your foundation. Ensure that your foundation is applied before the concealer. However, if you prefer to skip foundation altogether, you have the option to do so. In some cases, beauty enthusiasts even reverse this process by applying the concealer first followed by the foundation.

  1. Choose a concealer that matches your skin type and shade. Experts suggest opting for a shade lighter than your skin tone for the best coverage and a natural finish.
  2. The application of concealer makeup varies from person to person. Some individuals prefer using their fingers, while others opt for a concealer brush.
  3.  To begin applying best concealer, start by placing small dots around the under-eye area, close to your eyelashes. Then, proceed to apply dots on the inner corners of your eyes.
  4. Next, blend the concealer into your skin using either your finger or a beauty blender.
  5. Repeat this process on other areas of your face and neck that you wish to conceal, such as the mouth area, chin, and nose.
  6.  To set the concealer makeup  in place, gently dust a suitable powder over your face for a flawless finish.
  7.  For targeted purposes like concealing dark under-eye circles, it is recommended to use specialized concealers designed specifically for this purpose, such as under-eye concealers.
  8. To prevent a cakey appearance when applying concealer, it’s crucial to moisturize your face beforehand. This ensures that the concealer sets evenly on your skin without appearing too heavy or thick.

Your Buying Guide for Best Concealer

If you’re in search of the perfect concealer for your skin, be sure to explore the wide range available. We offer a variety of top-quality concealers that are not only affordable but also cater to different skin textures and types.